Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Songwriter's Tribute to Bob Dylan's 74th Birthday

Whatever you may think of Bob Dylan, you have to admit the man's a creative genius. Possibly not the most polished vocal tones in history, his songs will be with us for a long time, maybe as long as humans listen to music.
I attended a celebration of Dylan's 74th birthday, led by three songwriters (left to right) Todd Wright, Luke Brindley, and Anthony Fiacco.
The event was held at Jammin' Java, a really nice live music venue in Vienna, Virginia. (Click Here) to check out Jammin' Java. They have a full schedule of live music, and the place is well set up for listening.
I shot with the Nikon Df, new 28mm f1.8 AF-S, 50mm f1.4 D, and 85mm f1.8 D lenses. Here are some more shots from the show.
These images are pretty much straight from the camera.
I am hoping that the 28mm will be a useful lens for my live music shooting. I am pretty pleased with the results from this first trial.