Sunday, April 26, 2015

The New Film Leica - the M-A

Have you heard about the new Leica film rangefinder, the M-A? That's right, a new, completely manual film rangefinder body from Leica. And when I say manual, I mean manual. There's no meter, not even a place for a battery.
Of course, the same can be said for the M2, M3, M4, and several other Leica M bodies of the past. You can always find a great example of one of these cameras, even get it serviced if necessary, and you're in the same boat, right? Well, maybe.
I read an interesting post about the M-A recently. (Click Here) to read Hamish Gill's thoughts about the M-A on his blog 35mmc.
I always enjoy reading about the details of a new camera like this. And, I liked seeing Hamish's photos as well. But, after reading that post, the only new idea I got was that this is the only opportunity to own a camera with these features from brand new. And I think that's worth something.
Let's face it - part of the lure of owning a Leica is what I'll call the "snob factor." As the owner of several Leicas, all used, I can admit that it's part of the equation. I can achieve my photographic goals, or the vast majority of them, with a cheaper camera. But, I don't have to. So why not own the finest camera I can afford? I don't mean that I do it to show off; I don't. But, for my own satisfaction, the snob factor helps me to enjoy photograph even more. Knowing that I can take out a beautiful piece of engineering and history and use it really turns me on.
The M-A lists for $4,750 new. Is it worth it? I'll let you decide. I'm not planning to buy one, but I do understand the lure of having a brand new film Leica that brings together a combination of features from some of the finest Leica cameras from the past.