Monday, April 6, 2015

Today's Shot From Tokyo, Japan

Here's a shot I made at Meiji Shrine in Tokyo:
Meiji Shrine, by Reed A. George
Nikon Df, Nikon Series E 100mm f2.8 Lens
iso 110, f4, 1/250 sec.
You may notice the rather uncommon iso setting; no, it is not a typo. I find that one very handy way to shoot with the Df is to keep it in auto-iso mode. With the meter set to spot metering, I can simply find a middle exposure value anywhere in my scene, spot meter it (using the exposure lock button on the camera back to hold the settings), recompose, and shoot. The camera picks the iso. I get to select both aperture and shutter speed in manual mode. The Df has such great high iso performance, I don't need to pay too much attention to what iso setting it selects.
Here's a version of the same picture, manipulated in Snapseed on my iPad.