Sunday, August 4, 2013

Nick DeMarco Interprets the Preparation for the Fight With His Leica Cameras

One of the blogs I regularly follow is Nick DeMarco's Rangefinder Chronicles. Today I'll share one of his recent posts, which I think really shows how a photographer can interpret an event, any event, into something new, sharing how he or she sees it.
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Nick shot his Leica M (240) and M7 with fast Cosina Voigtlander lenses at a Thai kickboxing event. This post is specifically about the preparation of the fighters, before battle.
(Click Here) to see Nick's entire post with several pictures.
I am always interested in how good photographers go beyond simple documentation to put their own thoughts and feelings into their pictures. I particularly like what Nick says about this next image:
"...even though it was dark, low contrast and the back of a few heads. The coaches were taking one of the boxers down the fire exit steps for his fight, but somehow it makes me think of taking a prisoner to be hung, or Jesus to his crucifixion."
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I look forward to seeing more images from Nick as he covers the later action.