Thursday, August 15, 2013

That One Camera - Well, Maybe Not Just One

I read a post by Graham Welland on the getdpi forum, taking on the question of what is your "desert island" camera - that one camera or system you'd keep if you got rid of all others. Graham prefers the Xpan II or Fuji GX617 (a marvelous medium format panoramic camera).
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At least one person answers as I would, with a list of cameras. I know this doesn't meet the goal, but I can answer this question in so many ways.
If I really wanted to produce the very best images that I'm capable of, I would keep my Nikon D700, lenses, and flash. Hands down. I've never used a more capable camera system.
Nikon D700
But, part of my enjoyment of photography comes from the equipment itself. The Nikon is like a high end Toyota - extremely capable, but not too exciting. For pure camera enjoyment, I would have to pick a Leica. Probably an M (M9 or M3, most likely), but it would be hard keeping one of these in hand while letting go of my IIIC, a wartime example that just works so very well.
Leica M3
In truth, I don't want to say goodbye to any of my cameras. For example, as I've said in my Skeletons From The Closet series, the Konica Auto S1.6, a relatively inexpensive 35mm rangefinder, is a unique and surprisingly fun and functional camera.
Konica Auto S1.6
Good thing today's not the day I have to decide.