Monday, October 21, 2013

Skeletons From The Closet - Nikomat at Glen Echo Park

I took my Nikomat to Glen Echo Park, a historic amusement park in Maryland, near DC.
I must start taking notes on my film photography. I'm not sure which lens I used in each case below, but will make my best guess.
The carousel at Glen Echo is so beautiful. I got this shot before it opened for business. Finishing up an old roll of Walgreens 200 speed film that was in the camera from a long time ago, I'm impressed with the subtle color that came through here.
Carousel, by Reed A. George
Nikomat FTn, Nikkor 28mm f3.5 Non-AI Lens
Walgreens iso 200 Color Print Film
There are some old structures around the park, leftover from the years before the entire creek was paved over; the lot subsequently crumbled and fell into the creek. The creek has now been returned as close to its natural state as was feasible.
This old bridge made for an interesting composition.
Trusses, by Reed A. George
Nikomat FTn, Nikkor45mm f2.8 GN Lens
Kodak TMax 400 Film

It's interesting to me how the older Nikon cameras and lenses, pre-AI, as so inexpensive. Essentially a dead line of equipment after newer bodies stopped having the mechanical f-stop coupling (with the F3 body, I believe), there are some real gems out there. I could use my non-AI kit as a complete solution for film photography if I so chose. Including AIS lenses, which retained the f-stop coupler, I have a full range of focal lengths, from 28mm to 200mm. Image quality is great.

The other interesting thing is that with a Nikon F - Micro 4/3 adapter, all of these old lenses come back to life, albeit at 2X the equivalent field of view. But, that's an opportunity. I have shot my AIS 28mm f2.8 on the Lumix G3, and at 56mm equivalent field of view, it does very nicely.