Thursday, October 3, 2013

Wijnand Schouten Shares Fuji X100S Results on Steve Huff Photo

By Wijnand Shouten
Image Source:
Steve Huff Photo has posted a few photos by Wijnand Shouten, who's just started working with a new Fujifilm X100S.
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It seems that Wijnand has experience with the Fujifilm X100, but is enjoying the upgrade to the S model. The S features an X-Trans CMOS sensor. Wijnand gets gorgeous deep blacks in his images.
I'm still tempted by the X100S at times, but have my hands full with my current camera selection. And, as I've said before, it doesn't have the perfect focal length for me, which is important with a fixed lens camera like the X100S. The same holds true for the lovely Leica X2. I'd rather have a 50mm equivalent lens.
Wijnand certainly shares with us that in the right hands, the X100S can sing.