Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The LHSA (International Leica Society) Google+ Page is Now Open to the Public!

Some time back, I set up a Google Plus (G+) page for the International Leica Society (LHSA). It's a pretty active place, with about 65 LHSA members participating. The community has always been open to everyone (members and non-members) to read, but only members could join and write to the page.
We're hoping to really liven it up, so we have decided to open the community up completely. You do not have to be a LHSA member to join the conversations!
After all, the goal is to have great conversations about photography and Leica. Hopefully the page will help to demonstrate some of the other great benefits of LHSA membership, like the wonderful Viewfinder magazine, national and local meetings, newsletter, and much more.
To join the LHSA G+ community (free, no charge), please go to or (Click Here). If you don't already have a Google ID, it's a snap to get it. Then, search for the LHSA community and you're there!
If you're interested in joining LHSA, there are both electronic and hard copy options for the Viewfinder. I love the electronic version, personally. Go to, or (Click Here).
I hope to see you in both places!