Saturday, January 24, 2015

About to Try Ilford HP5 (35mm B&W Film) for a While

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My friend Charlie has a couple of bulk film loaders. Since a small group of us have been regularly meeting and shooting film for a while now, we decided to start bulk loading our 35mm cassettes. It's actually interesting what's happening with film prices today. Charlie's a Tri-X shooter, so that's where we looked first. We were unable to locate a 100' roll of Tri-X anywhere at a price that would result in any savings over buying by the 36 exposure roll (savings is about the only reason to bulk load, unless you want to tailor the number of exposures you get per roll). HP5 is still reasonably economical.
(Click Here) to buy your film from the Film Photography Project.
So, we're just about ready to roll (pardon the weak pun).
In the past, I've played with pushing Kodak Tmax 400 to 1600. (Click Here) to see how that worked out.
I also found a post on the very interesting blog "35 MMC." (Click Here) to read about shooting HP5 at iso 3200. That's a three-stop push, but sure seems to work well.
I don't have any experience with HP5, but will soon!