Wednesday, January 7, 2015

My New 6x17 Panoramic Camera Arrives

I wrote in the past about the "Reality So Subtle" medium format panoramic pinhole camera. (Click Here) to read about the camera.
I decided that it would be my 50th birthday present, and ordered one. It arrived a couple of weeks later, just before Christmas. I was pretty concerned when I saw this collapsed, wet package show up:
Opening the package, I did find that the enclosed user guide and exposure guideline documentation were ruined by the wetness. However, the camera was very well-wrapped in another layer of bubble wrap inside. It came through just fine.
I contacted James Guerin, the maker, to let him know it had arrived. James was concerned about the package, and said that he'll likely pack differently in the future. But, as I said, my camera's just fine. James will also send me the documentation again, electronically this time. If you're interested in this camera, you can check out James' website at to learn more.
I've already put two rolls of 120 film through the camera. At only four images per roll, that was pretty easy to do. I will send them off to The Darkroom ( in the next few days. I can't wait to see what those enormous negatives will look like. You'll see them soon after I do!