Friday, January 16, 2015

6x17 Panoramic Digital? Wow. Price? WOW!

I've written a little about my new panoramic pinhole (film) camera, and am anxiously awaiting results from the first couple of rolls of film. (Click Here) to read about that. I hope to have results to share this week.
In discussing this new beast that produces giant 6cm x 17cm negatives with my friend, Charlie, he mentioned that someone was making a 6x17 digital camera. It's staggering to think of the production cost of such a beast. At 17cm in length, that would mean that the wafer the sensor is produced on would have to be over 7" in diameter (probably standard 8"), and each wafer could only contain one sensor. That's costly.
Sure enough, though, Seitz is making such a camera. And, it's costly. At $27,300 for the economical solution (18 Megapixels),without the optional data storage and control, an additional $5,114. The highest resolution version (160 Megapixels) is $44,415, plus $5,114 for the optional modules. These prices don't include lenses.
(Click Here) for the details.
I can only imagine how cool this thing would be to shoot.