Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Large Format Photography and Darkroom Printing - What an Education

Falls, Buzzard Hill, Appalachian Trail, Virginia, by Reed A. George
Horseman 45FA 4x5 Camera, Wollensak Raptar 135mm f4.7 Lens
EDU 100 film, f/22, 4 sec. exposure
I've gone back to basics for this phase in my photography. As I mentioned, a dear friend has given me his father's darkroom, which helped to set me on this path.
I'm making a lot of mistakes, learning about limitations, and really enjoying the occasional success.
This is a scan of a print I made in the darkroom, with my own two hands. It represents so much more thought, effort, and investment in the process than a similar image I'm sure I could have made with a digital SLR. In fact, I could've made hundreds of similar images with the DSLR in a fraction of the time. And that's just the point; that's not how this image was made.
I understand that viewers won't necessarily care, but I do.
So much left to learn about this craft...