Skeletons From The Closet (SFTC)

All posts related to my monthly series "Skeletons From The Closet" where I select a different old camera from my collection each month, load it up with film, and get out there shooting with it!

And Some Color Results From the Nikon F2

The Nikon F2 in Black and White

Some Results from the Nikon F2

December's Camera - Nikon F2!

More Results From the Ricoh 500G

Results From November's Ricoh 500G

November's Camera - the Ricoh 500G 35mm Rangefinder

October Results - Zeiss 521/2 6x9 Folder

October's Camera - Zeiss 521/2 6x9 Medium Format Folder

More from September's Nikomat FTn

September's Nikomat FTn at an Irish Dance

A Shot I Like from the Nikomat FTn - Waterscape

September's SFTC Camera - Nikomat FTn

Building Demolition - Agfa Record III

August's Agfa Record III at the Buddhist Temple

Some Agfa Record III Results (Along With Autocord) - WWII Reenactment

August's Camera - the Agfa Record III 6x9 Medium Format Folder

Konica I - Even More Results

More July Results - Konica I 35mm Rangefinder

First July Results with Konica I 35mm Rangefinder

July's Camera - Konica I 35mm Rangefinder (ca. 1950)

June SFTC Results - the Fabulous Konica Auto S1.6 35mm Rangefinder

A Few More Results From May's Camera, the Minolta Autocord TLR

May's SFTC Results - the Minolta Autocord TLR

June's Camera - the Konica Auto S1.6 35mm Rangefinder

May's SFTC Camera - the Minolta Autocord Twin Lens Reflex (TLR)

April Results - Agfa Solinette II

April's Camera - the Agfa Solinette II 35mm Folder

A Few More Shots From March's SFTC Camera - the Zeiss Ikonta, in Japan

March SFTC Results - Zeiss Ikonta at Rokkaku-Do Temple in Kyoto, Japan

March SFTC Camera, Zeiss Ikonta Medium Format Folder in the California Desert

More February Results From The Super Ricohflex

March's Camera - Zeiss Ikonta Folder with Tessar Lens!

First Results Post with February's Camera, The Super Ricohflex TLR

February's Camera - the Super Ricohflex

Final Results - Pentax K1000 in New York City

Results - In Color This Time - Pentax K1000

Results - Pentax K1000

Our Photographic Roots - Pentax K1000

January's Camera - the Pentax K1000

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