Tuesday, February 11, 2014

David Munchow on Spontaneity

From the Shadows, by Reed A. George
Super Ricohflex, TMax 400 Film
I was reading a blog post by David Munchow today, about spontaneity.
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He talks about starting in landscape and nature photography, where he could be slow and deliberate, thinking through every element of every photo. Now he says he was "thinking too hard," and while many of the pictures were very well done, they weren't exciting.
Now, he shoots in a more documentary style, and challenges himself to "let go of my rational self." I can identify with that.
I think that you can do the same with nature photography, especially wildlife. But I do get David's point.
Perhaps the most interesting statement is one that David attributes to Henri Cartier-Bresson:
"Thinking should be done beforehand and afterwards - never while actually taking a photograph."
Sounds right to me.