Tuesday, February 18, 2014

New Panasonic Micro 4/3 Hybrid Camera - the DMC-GH4

Image Source: http://www.panasonic.com/uk/consumer/cameras-camcorders/lumix-g-compact-system-cameras-dslm/dmc-gh4heb.html?utm_source=eloqua_audience-all&utm_medium=email&utm_content=newsletter/link-GH4page-1&utm_campaign=newsletter_2014-0212_LumixGH4-launch-PCME&elq=~~eloqua..type--emailfield..syntax--recipientid~~&elqCampaignId=~~eloqua..type--campaign..campaignid--0..fieldname--id~~

Well, you've probably see my recent written meanderings about my own connection to and future with the Micro 4/3 system. The way I feel at the moment is that I have yet to really bond with my relatively new Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX7 body, but have not really given it a chance yet. I'm not thrilled with the form factor, with the built-in EVF way over at the end of the camera body, and buttons that seem to get in my way. The few image results I have so far are quite impressive, however. So, I'm wondering if I'd be happier with one of the faux SLR-type bodies.
Until now, the DMC-GH3 was the latest in this style of camera, and has a lot of shared features with the GX7. Now, the GH4 has been announced. So, what's to like about it?
The biggest feature being emphasized at this point is "4k" video capability. If you know me, you know that video is not really my gig. I don't even know what 4k is or means. But, it's to be expected that video capability leads the features of a GH series camera; they have always been Panasonic's hybrid still/video line. It's a little difficult to tell from the specs if this camera really has any noise / high iso performance advantage over the GH3. However, that said, the sample gallery of still images is very impressive.
(Click Here) to see work by Bence Mate, Daniel Berehulak, and Takehito Miyatake (all still photos) and video by Bryan Harvey. For me, Bence Mate's bird images are quite impressive.
Honestly, though, I have not explored my GX7 and 100-300mm f4-5.6 OIS lens together. My guess is I can make some similarly impressive images with that. If I can get over the form factor, that is.
So, I'm resolved to doing a trip with only Micro 4/3 gear, relying on my GX7 (and GX1 as a second body) to do its best to impress me. I'd really like to fall in love with that camera. If it doesn't happen, I may have to trade the GX7 for a different Micro 4/3 body. It's not a question of image quality, it's more about useability and comfort with controls.
We'll see how it goes.