Friday, February 7, 2014

Nikon Df Real User Experience - Wayne Goodman on GetDPI

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The new, retro-styled, D4 sensor-equipped Nikon Df is extremely attractive to me. Wayne Goodman has posted his pictures and experience in shooting his new Df in Andalusia, Spain.
(Click Here) to read his post on GetDPI forums.
Wayne comments on the fact that while others find the array of knobs on the Df a little challenging, the iso knob is the only one he finds inconvenient. One of the great techniques on a camera that has really, really good high iso performance is to set it on Auto-ISO and stop worrying about it. Then, you can go into Manual exposure mode, for example, and simply pick the f-stop and shutter speed you want, letting the camera adjust iso to get the exposure right. Wayne did this, and was very happy with the results. Even on the couple of occasions where the camera had to go to iso 12,800 (!), he was mostly satisfied with the result.
He also finds that he really prefers the optical finder to the now-common electronic viewfinders (EVFs) of today. He comments that the "quiet" shutter mode is pretty effective. While the focus system on the Df is not Nikon's highest technology, he found no fault in it.
The shots he shares in the post and in his flickr page were made with the Nikon 24-85 zoom. Wayne and I share the same opinion about this lens. Extraordinarily convenient when you don't want to change lenses, the image quality simply doesn't match great Nikkor primes. Oh well, you can't have everything in just one lens.
I continue to be interested in the Df from afar. If my D700 were to die (unlikely), that would be my replacement. For now, I'm holding and watching (and drooling just a little).