Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Lightroom Bogging Down My Computer - THE FIX!!!

Wow. I just have to share this.
I've been having a lot of problems with my computer as it relates to using Lightroom. It seems that every time I make even a minor change to an image, or switch from Library to Develop modules, etc., the computer takes off on a disk-writing spree. I mean, it writes non-stop for minutes at a time.
Looking for anything that could help, short of buying a new computer (literally), I decided to try a naive google search. Here's what I found. There's a process on Windows computers called wmpnetwk.exe
which enables network sharing for Windows Media Player. Every time I made a change in Lightroom, this process would go crazy, accessing my hard disk.
Now, I'm no computer expert. Far from it. But, the link I found was able to guide me through actually seeing this happen with the Windows Resource Monitor. Then, it showed me how to disable the process.
(Click Here) to see the original post I found. Be aware that it's from 2008, so I had to sort of find my way around in my later version of Windows.
Basically, after confirming that it was the wmpnetwk.exe process that was accessing my disk excessively, I was able to start up a Windows function by pressing the Window Key + r (which gives you a command prompt), then entering Services.msc and hitting go. Within the windwo that came up, I right-clicked the offending process (wmpnetwk.exe) and disabled it.
The problem is GONE. Not just minimized, GONE. I'm so impressed. The author of that link deserves a beer.
Disclaimer: I can't guarantee that I (or you) won't need that process back sometime in the future. I rarely use Windows Media Player, so I doubt it. But, do this at your own risk.