Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Mamiya Universal Current Users? Not Many That I Can Find...

Yesterday I posted a picture of my new Mamiya Universal Press kit. One of the several fun things about the camera is using it with a Polaroid back. Here's an image I made recently on a meditation retreat:
Forest Monk and Followers, by Reed A. George
Mamiya Universal Press Camera, 50mm f6.3 Wide Angle Lens
Fujifilm FP3000B Instant Film, Scanned on Epson V750
Edited in Snapseed
Now, the Universal was probably never meant to be really, well, universal. It's hard to imagine the designers at Mamiya thinking "Let's make a camera that's perfect for everyone, truly universal." and coming up with this design. It's big, heavy, all manual. But, it does have capabilities that are difficult or impossible to find in other systems. It will never be near universal for me, but is definitely a favorite nonetheless.
I've been searching for others who are still actively using the Mamiya Universal Press (MUP) in 2014. I have not found many. I did find the "Simply Oxford Photoblog," which does have a few fairly recent posts using the MUP.
(Click Here) to see a post of lovely model shots made with the MUP on Simply Oxford.
I'm going to keep exploring this camera for a while, and find exactly where it best fits into my interests.