Monday, September 1, 2014

Travel Photography Tip - Capture Details

When you travel to a new place, it's sometimes tempting to try and capture everything, to try and give the feel of the entire place in one or two shots. That approach usually fails, in my experience. It's much better to make multiple images, with varying sense of scale and focus, from sweeping landscapes to tiny details.
In a recent post on Digital Photography School's blog, Dylan Goldby explains how to capture details in your travel photography.
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Goldby suggests including details in wide angle shots. You don't always have to focus only on the detail. You can emphasize details within a wider context in your image.
Lanterns, Korea Town, NYC, by Reed A. George
He also suggests paying attention to the lighting on the details themselves to emphasize a feeling. Of course, light always matters. In the post, Goldsby quotes Joe McNally as saying that you can make something more interesting by only lighting part of it.
Mystery Through Light and Dark, by Reed A. George
The third tip is closely related to the second, suggesting that you expose for the highlights in the image, letting the shadows go dark if necessary.
Finally, Goldsby suggests using selective focus to highlight details within a scene.
Japanese Maple Leaves, by Reed A. George
In the photo above, I was able to focus on the attractive shape and color of the maple leaves, yet still provide some context by showing the structure in the background, albeit in soft detail. This allows you to see some of the surroundings, yet still focus on what I intended - the leaves.
All good points to remember in emphasizing details in your travel photography.