Monday, October 27, 2014

From the Broad Creativity File - Using the Sun (and Magnifying Glass) to Make Art

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I love seeing new creative approaches to art. Usually, these come to me from the blog "Lost at E Minor," and this one is no exception.
This is Jordan Mang-osan. He makes the large murals by sketching them, then using a magnfying glass to burn the image into wood. Awesome, huh?
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I respect people who come up with different ideas like this. Once you see them, it's obvious. How many of us had wood burning kits when we were younger? For those who didn't, they were essentially electric soldering irons, which were used to burn pictures into wood. Using a magnifying glass instead isn't such a stretch. Why didn't I come up with that?
And regardless of who thought of it, I also respect people with the patience to put it to work on such a large scale. These pieces of art take Jordan months to complete.