Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Nikkor 20mm f1.8 ED Lens - My New Wide Angle for Concerts?

Well, the engineers at Nikon are once again testing my resolve. My go-to camera for low light concert photography is the Nikon D700. The advent of the amazing Nikon DF has had me debating with myself for months now - with the retro design, relatively small size, and D4 sensor that trades resolution in favor of low light noise performance much as the D700 did two sensor generations back, the DF seems like a very natural fit for my style of shooting, especially in dark clubs and concerts.
Recently, I've been shooting really wide angle on my D700 at shows. My 20mm f2.8 AF-D lens does a nice job for me, but f2.8 just isn't really that fast.
Will and Larry, by Reed A. George
Nikon D700, Nikkor 20mm f2.8 AF-D Lens
iso 1600, f2.8, 1/250 sec.
Now, Nikon has announced a new product, the AF-S Nikkor 20mm f1.8G ED lens. An FX lens, meaning that it covers the full-frame sensor of the D700 or DF, this lens also has ultra-fast AF-S focusing and low dispersion ED glass. I don't really like "G" lens design, as it lacks an aperture ring, which means I can't use G lenses on my old film cameras. But, G design is the rule rather than the exception in Nikon's new lenses, so I'd just have to live with it.
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I have "enabler" friends who would say that the choice is clear. I simply need to buy a new DF with 20mm f1.8 lens and be done with it. It's not that simple a decision for me, especially when I have less time than I need to shoot the camera gear I already have. I suppose it's good to always have something in mind that could improve my photographic experience. Thanks for that, Nikon.