Friday, December 12, 2014

Beautiful 6x17 Panoramic Pinhole Camera

Now here is a panoramic pinhole camera that I can get excited about. It's called the "Reality So Subtle 6x17" camera, and it's produced by a French company called Au Premier Plan. It has a curved film plane to maximize exposure consistency across the negative, two shutters to allow you to determine where the horizon will be in your image, and it uses standard 120 roll film to produce 6x17 cm images. Awesome.
You simply must (Click Here) to read more about it, and check out the amazing image samples. Really, really nice.
Again, I don't know anyone at this company, and have no business interest in them. I've never held one of their cameras. But, I may have to change that. At about US$240, it's not unreasonable. Maybe this will be my Christmas present from my wife.
(Click Here) to see some of my previous pinhole work. It's always a lot of fun.