Wednesday, February 4, 2015

One Hour Exposures - 6x17 Pinhole

Two Hours at the Symposium, by Reed A. George
Reality So Subtle 6x17 Panoramic Pinhole Camera, Kodak TMax 100 Film
I had some fun last weekend, shooting my new panoramic pinhole camera at a work symposium. Each of these are one hour exposures. On top, I set the camera in the front row of seats, pointed directly at myself (the middle blurry person, in dark clothes). You can see my Leica CL in the picture, a little left of center.
The second is another one hour exposure, this time from the speaker's podium.
You can click on these images to see more detail on flickr.
In both cases, the images were significantly underexposed, because I didn't take reciprocity failure (film's loss of linear response to light in very long exposures). They would have been much better as two hour exposures. But, I think they're kind of fun and weird.
More long images from the symposium coming soon.