Saturday, September 12, 2015

I Want to be a Better Printer, Too!

Alpine Lake and Shadows, by Reed A. George
I just read a post by Pascal on the blog Dear Susan, about how he really wants to become a better printer. Importantly, Pascal interviews Ctein, a master printer, to get some advice. Ctein's best advice is to go ahead and print your image once you think you have it close on the monitor. It won't print the same, but don't worry about that. Live with the print a while, making notes on it where and how you want to improve it. Don't focus on how it looks on the monitor any more; make the changes that will improve the print. Over time, you'll learn how to do this more automatically.
Okay. I can give that a try. Simple - no big focus on calibration, paper types, lighting, etc. Just print, live with it, adjust it for the paper instead of the monitor.
(Click Here) to read the full post on Dear Susan.