Monday, December 23, 2013

Simply Done, Beautiful. Andy Bell Shoots Agate (Stone) Abstracts.

Agate by Andy Bell
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Andy Bell has posted a series of abstracts which are closeups of agate stone. It's tough to beat the beauty of nature. Andy's done a nice job of capturing it here.
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A question that has come up in photo critique is whether abstracts require that the viewer be unable to identify the subject. Personally, many times I prefer being able to catch glimpses of what the subject was, even though the overall result is an abstract.
In this case, I can see that these are agate stone, once I've been informed. I probably would not have guessed it outright. Maybe that's the right level of recognition? Or maybe it doesn't matter, as "abstract" is simply a label. What really matters is that the art works. And this does, in my opinion.