Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Wrapping Up "Whole Lotta Leica" - December's Lens, the Elmar 3.5cm f3.5 LTM (ca. 1937)

December's WLL Lens, the 1937 Elmar 3.5cm
Well, folks, this is the final monthly installment of Whole Lotta Leica. I've kept it up for the entire year of 2013, and have enjoyed the project. But, I'm (almost) out of lenses in the 35-50mm range to pair up with my Leica M9, and I feel it's run its course.
This month's lens is a tiny 35mm Leica Thread Mount (LTM) beauty. It's so small that the accessory handgrip on my M9 sticks out further from the body than this lens does. Of course, it will benefit from the use of a hood, which will change that somewhat.
I had this lens CLA'd (cleaned, lubed, adjusted) by DAG some time back, and have not used it much at all. I think it's a fitting selection for the final monthly installment of WLL.
It has been difficult to make sure that I get out more than once each and every month with the monthly lens selection, especially when I pick a lens that's kind of an oddity or specialty, and won't really do as my go-to lens for the month. That pressure has actually been good, but now I'm going to loosen up the constraints on myself.
I also think it's probably time to send the M9 off to Leica for a cleaning and adjustment. It still looks as new as when I bought it, but I've put the camera through its paces this year.
I plan to do something in terms of a wrap-up of the WLL project, and will probably at least use my favorite image from each month to make a calendar for myself for 2014. I'll be sure to share whatever I do.
I hope you've all enjoyed the monthly installments. Time to cook up something different for 2014!