Saturday, December 28, 2013

Too Much Emphasis on Low Light? Look for Good Light

Key West Cemetery, by Reed A. George
Lumix DMC-GX1
It really is easy to get caught up in technical capabilities of our cameras, focusing on what they can do in near darkness, rather than looking for good light, wherever it may be found. Frequently, the low light that necessitates super high iso and low noise performance isn't really that good.
Why am I thinking about this? I read a post along these lines on
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It reminds me how much we did (and some of us still do) with film cameras, where the realistic limit of iso is about 400, okay maybe 800 or 1600 by pushing the film. Delta 3200 was always so grainy at that iso setting, I always used it at 1600 max. Today, a digital camera that shows noise at 1600 is looked down upon by most.
Anyway, this inspires me to worry less about low light, f1.4, and iso 6400. I'll get out and look for some good light.