Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Art for the Sake of Art - From the Broad Creativity Files

Sand drawings. Andres Amador makes them, mostly for his own creative release. And the phrase "sand drawings" really isn't grand enough for what he produces.
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I read about Andres' artistic pursuits on Chase Jarvis' blog.
(Click Here) to read the story and see several great examples on Chase's blog.
There are two things that really strike me about this work. First, as Chase emphasizes, the best art is done because the artist simply must do it, as opposed to doing it for money, prestige, etc. Second, this particular expression impresses me because of the inherent impermanence of it. The article mentions that it's somewhat like Tibetan Buddhist mandala sand paintings, where monks spend weeks making intricate paintings from colored sand, and then destroy them.
(Click Here) to read more about sand mandalas. I've always wanted to see one of these being made.

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