Saturday, August 16, 2014

Paal Audestad - 36 Images With His Old Leica M4

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Norwegian music and performance photographer Paal Audestad recently got his Leica M4 repaired after many years on the shelf. He took 36 images with it, thoughtfully, without even a light meter to help. And got 36 great images.
You must (Click Here) and see them all on the Leica Camera Blog. I'm quite impressed.
The post gives some insight into "slow photography" with film, versus blasting away with digital. It doesn't discount either approach. Funny, though, I don't think of an M4 as slow by any means. My Mamiya Universal, or 4x5 Speed Graphic? Now that's slow.
The funniest part of the story is how Audestad once lost his M4 during a night of partying. Where did he finally find it? In the refrigerator. Hilarious.
Audestad says he'll keep this little project with his M4 going as long as he can, he says perhaps until the M4 breaks again. That could/should be a very long time, Paal.