Friday, August 1, 2014

Tips for Better Hiking Photography, Skip Spitzer on Luminous Landscape

I love to do outdoor and nature photography. I love to hike. My family hates to hike with me because I do too much photography on our hikes. Balance is important. However, now I have the excuse that I'm just staying aerobic, after reading Skip Spitzer's post on the Luminous Landscape blog.
Family Hike at Shenandoah National Park (Will They Ever Go Again?), by Reed A. George
In Skip's post, he gives quite a lot of information about how to be a better hiker and photographer at the same time.
(Click Here) to read the full post. Here are the points that were most important to me:
  1. Have a real relationship with the nature you're photographing
  2. Be skillful enough in your hiking to be at ease, feel the "flow" of the experience
  3. Focus on keeping your energy usage aerobic (go slow, with only short bursts of intense activity)
  4. Learn about the best hiking gear and materials (a cotton shirt isn't the best idea)
  5. Learn to understand, respect, and manage the risks so that you can enjoy the experience
In the post, you'll also see a link to Skip's video program, which you can view for only $10. I'll probably do that when I have time.
So, you see, the reason I stop every ten feet or so to shoot several pictures is that I'm trying to stay aerobic. Yes, I quite like that excuse.