Sunday, March 15, 2020

A Piece of a Dreamworld

“Love is an attempt to turn a piece of a dreamworld into reality.”
Henry David Thoreau

I shot this at sunrise in the Alabama Hills, in the Eastern Sierra of California, at the end of February.  I was taking part in an Annual Nikonians Photo Adventure Trip (ANPAT).  If you’re interested in a great series of adventures with fellow photographers, not another lesson on depth of field, you may want to look into ANPAT.  

Click Here to read my impressions from my first ANPAT, last fall.

I made this image with my Nikon D850 and Sigma Art 35mm f/1.4 lens.


  1. Hello Reed! Beautiful image here! This is Isaac, I approached you the other day while you were shooting the scene with HP5 up in Bear's Den. Would love to maybe get your recommendation/pointers on a lens, I just purchased a Leicaflex SL body and I thought I would drop you a line. Any advice would be so cool. Hope you are well.


    1. Hi Isaac! Yes, I remember meeting, and am glad to see your message.

      I can unequivocally recommend your first lens for the SL: 50mm f/2 Summicron. It is the standard by which all other normal lenses are measured. In my opinion, any version of it will do.

      I am not an expert on the Leica SLRs, but I know people who are, in case you want more details.

      Please contact me at rgeorge911 @

      I'd like to invite you to my long-standing monthly camera/photo gathering!


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