Thursday, January 31, 2013

Could the Ricoh GR Digital V Be Another Runner in the Large Sensor Compact Market?

My wife has been using my Panasonic DMC-LX5 a lot recently. Given her record with damaging cameras, I'm starting to look for a replacement. Honestly, I probably should have taken advantage of the holiday deals on the DMC-LX7. It was available for $275. Now, it's back over $400.
New Ricoh Digital with APS-C Sensor Coming?
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In any case, it's a good time to look again and see what's out there. I would like a larger sensor than the LX7 offers. That brings up some excellent new cameras, all with large sensors and compact designs. Namely, I'm thinking of the new Sony RX1, Leica X2, and Fujifilm X100s. All of these are fixed-lens designs, without zooms. For my purposes, I think I want a zoom. This will be my pocket camera - the backup when needed, or sometimes the only camera I'll carry on a short trip. The Panasonic DMC-LX7 would be perfect, if it just had a little larger sensor.
Anyway, I read this short post about the possibility of a new Ricoh compact that may have an APS-C (larger than most other compact cameras) sensor.
(Click Here) to read the post on PetaPixel.
I think this one will likely have a fixed focal length lens as well. The GR IV does. But, I'll keep my eyes open.
Right now, the Fuji X20 seems like a possible good upgrade from the LX5. But, while it's sensor is bigger than the LX5 (and LX7), it's still much smaller than APS-C. Another potential is the Sony RX100, but it doesn't have a viewfinder of any type, so that's not going to work for me.