Tuesday, January 15, 2013

gotak from Mu-43.com Shares a Cold Toronto Winter Morning

Mu-43.com member gotak has posted some images taken in Toronto this winter, all between the hours of 5:00-9:00 am. These were shot on the Olympus OM-D.
(Click Here) to see them all on mu-43.com, including the iced-over docks at Toronto Harbor.
gotak tells us that the OM-D was a lightweight selection, and that it was good, since the icy docks come with some danger of slipping into the water.
These pictures make me feel cold just looking at them. Slide into that water, and it's all over, I'm afraid.
It's nice to see some images from so early in the morning - definitely not your average tourist shots. The OM-D seems to do quite well with long exposures.