Saturday, January 26, 2013

Miroslav Mosko Gives In-Depth Analysis of His Experience With Fujifilm X100 on Steve Huff Photo

As I've mentioned, I'm intrigued by the line of Fujifilm cameras, mostly the X100 (and the newly-announced X100S). As DMC-365 is all about the interface between equipment and creativity, I thoroughly enjoyed a post by Miroslav Mosko, posted on
Fujifilm X100, by Miroslav Mosko
Miroslav also shoots a Nikon D700. We both agree on the spectacular features of that camera. He wanted something smaller, simpler. Miroslav purchased a classic Nikon FM2 and 50mm lens, another of my favorites. While he does not mind waiting for film processing, he found that it was not a practical everyday camera, and really didn't like handing over control of processing to someone else.
Interested in the X100, Miroslav downloaded raw files from the web and processed them himself. Overall, he was not impressed. This fact, coupled with all of the nitpicking on online blogs about shortcomings of the X100 nearly convinced him to give up on the X100.
Miroslav was very impressed by the work of a Canadian photographer, on the blog LaROQUE.
(Click Here) to see LaROQUE - beautiful!
Based on LaROQUE alone, Miroslav decided to go for it. He bought an X100. Miroslav gives a well-balanced evaluation, including critical analysis of many features. His X100 had to go back to the factory as the sensor wasn't clean right out of the box. Completely unacceptable, especially on a fixed lens camera!
In the end, however, Miroslav just plain loved using the X100. He reports that digital noise, while present, is very film-like, as is the color.
I really enjoyed Miroslav's piece, because it does demonstrate how equipment affects the creative process. It also illustrates how there are some intangible things, things that can't be written into a specification table or analyzed by taking pictures of focus targets and brick walls at iso 3200, that have a huge impact on how we enjoy our craft.
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