Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Fabien Penso's Tour Through India, With Leica

By Fabien Penso
Image Source:
On the Leica blog, there's a great story of Fabien Penso, who traveled India with a Leica M9.
Fabien shoots up close to people, and focuses pretty much exclusively on photographing people. The shot above exemplifies what I think of when I think candids shot with a Leica.
Fabien typically shoots a 35mm lens, sometimes a 50. To him, a 50mm lens feels a little telephoto. Interesting.
Fabien also feels that you should not have to make equipment choices when traveling, so usually carries a single lens, maybe two.
I like this approach. I need to learn from it.
(Click Here) to read Fabien's full story on the Leica blog.