Sunday, April 14, 2013

Google and Nik Software - Here's An Answer To The Naysayers!

Church on Kauai, by Reed A. George
Processed with Nik HDR Pro Software
Last October, I wrote an entry about the news that Nik Software had been purchased by Google.
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Nik makes a suite of software products for digital photo processing - everything from black and white conversion to high dynamic range (HDR), and more. I only owned their HDR Pro product - until now. I have always been pleased with how HDR Pro works.
At the time the news of the Google purchase came out, there was a significant amount of speculation that this was bad news for serious photographers, that Google would focus only on Nik's low-end products for web use, etc. I wasn't so sure.
I'm happy to report a couple of things that show Google's really in this for the good of photographers as well as casual snapshooters.
First off - they've slashed the prices on the whole Nik Suite. I remember seeing it for ~$400 before the Google purchase. Now, it lists for $149!
(Click Here) for an article on the price cut on USA Today's website.
I think this is great news. You get the significant horsepower and development capabilities of Google at a MUCH lower price than when the company was independent. Hard to complain.
Next, I heard a rumor that if you owned any Nik software from the past, even a single package (like me), you could get a free download of the entire suite. Sounds too good to be true. So, I tried it. I went to the Nik homepage, found the contact page, and asked the question. I was completely honest, told them I only owned HDR Pro, and had heard a rumor. They replied very rapidly, asked for my HDR Pro product key, and affirmed that I can receive the entire suite! I haven't received it yet, but expect to very soon. Wow. That is customer service.
(Click Here) for Nik's contact page.
So, while they sometimes definitely are, big companies aren't always the evil empire. Thanks, Google!
One more thing - Nik's lower end product, Snapseed, is also very cool. Search my blog if you want to see a few examples.
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