Friday, April 19, 2013

Some People Just Don't Need Color - Bo Photography Report on Leica M Monochrom and M9-P

After initially thinking "Boy, that's a crazy idea. A Leica rangefinder that only shoots black and white?" I'm now beginning to be a little more open-minded.
While I am more than pleased with my Leica M9, which can shoot color but also produces lovely black and white conversions, in my own opinion, it appears that some people just don't need color at all. Bo Photography has a new post where Bo, after using a Monochrom for quite some time, borrowed an M9-P. Concerned about how/if to use color, his results show that even when it was there, his style of photography just doesn't need color. The shot above is mesmerizing to me. I really like it.
I have not played with any images from a Monochrom to see if I can find enough improvement over the M9 to be intrigued. I owe it to myself to NOT do that... I have seen some gorgeous images, including some very large prints at the Washington, DC Leica store. However, I'm not convinced that the M9 couldn't have come very close.
In any case, (Click Here) to read Bo's post and see several more great monochrome (shot with M9-P) images.