Sunday, June 16, 2013

Comparison of Leica DLux-6 to Classic Leicas From An Unlikely Source

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Jack Forster has written an article in Forbes magazine about the Leica Dlux-6 compact camera. I've never seen an article like this in Forbes, but maybe I just don't know the journal that well.
In any case, Mr. Forster makes some astute comparisons between the Dlux and classic Leica cameras. Basically, he stresses the fact that Oscar Barnack stressed the importance of compact cameras in a day of large format film.
He points out that the Dlux-6 is essentially the same camera as the Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX7, a camera that I happen to own and love. Sometimes it embarrasses me with its capabilities, compared to the other, much more expensive cameras I typically favor. Forster points out the differences between the Lumix and Leica, but they seem very minor to me.
Features he likes are the real f-stop aperture ring, and of course, the fast f1.4 lens. He also makes the point that his wife, who generally dislikes digital cameras, really got attached to the Dlux. That's a good sign that Leica and Panasonic are doing something right in their design.
(Click Here) to read the full story on Forbes' website. Sorry for the click-through ad - it's them, not me. But, the story is worth reading.
I sure like my DMC-LX7. I would recommend it to anyone wanting to explore manual settings, great optics, and raw image capability in a compact, reasonably priced camera.