Sunday, June 9, 2013

Image Admiration - Mimo Khair's "The gift of sleep"

The gift of sleep, by Mimo
I read a lot of blogs and look at a lot of images. Every once in a while, I see one that is worth sharing on its own.
Mimo Khair is a Shanghai, China-based freelance photographer who writes a regularly-updated blog and shares a lot of pictures.
(Click Here) to go to Mimo's blog "Images and Journeys of a Searching Mind."
I really like this image for several reasons. First, I love street photography. I am also very interested in composition, which is especially interesting in this shot. You see, the sleeping subject on the right is almost diametrically opposed to a calendar photo in the top left corner, which shows a family laughing and having fun together. I love that opposition.
Finally, the image makes me wonder. I wonder if Mimo planned this composition, or if the subject is on the edge of the image purely because she was concerned with waking her up and being caught taking the photo. I've done that before, especially when using a wide angle lens. You can make it look like you're pointing at something else while including someone in your frame. In any case, Mimo admits that the woman did wake up as a result of the shutter sound. She bought bottled water from her by way of apology.
Man, I really love street photography.
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