Friday, June 14, 2013

Low Tech Wonders - A Triptych From The Brownie Bullet

I was looking over some of the first images I made on the Brownie Bullet last night. You may remember that I figured out a way to rig it to shoot panoramic images on 35mm film.
(Click Here) to read about how I did that.
Anyway, three of the images seemed to go together. Following up on some recent advice I got in my Leica Akademie workshop, which was to "live with your images," I printed out a big 13x19 triptych of them. Here's what it looks like:
Brownie Bullet Triptych, by Reed A. George
Brownie Bullet Camera, Converted To Shoot 35mm Panos
Personally, I like it. Imperfections and all.