Sunday, June 2, 2013

We Don't All Have to Focus on One Style to Be Successful! Leica Photographer Carlos Rene Perez on the Leica Blog

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Developing a personal style is one of the more difficult creative tasks for some photographers, perhaps even harder than learning the technology and mechanics. I have read and been told over and over that in order to really make a name for yourself, you must specialize, focus on a type of photography.
Carlos Rene Perez, whose exhibit "Absence and Presence" is currently on display at the Leica Gallery in NY has not followed that recipe. Taking inspiration from sources as wide as "Family of Man" and Gordon Parks' photographic poetry, Perez has remained a generalist. In addition to being a successful commercial photographer, his personal style has remained wide.
Perez was born in San Antonio, Texas, but moved to NYC in 1974. His first exposure to Leica was at the age of 18, when he saved up enough to purchase an M2. Now his standard kit is an M7 with 21, 35, and 50mm Leica lenses.
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I personally cannot focus on one type of photography or one type of equipment. I've tried. Maybe there's hope for me yet.