Thursday, June 6, 2013

Skeletons From The Closet - June's Camera is the Konica Auto S1.6 Rangefinder

My Konica Auto S1.6 Rangefinder
I am waiting for some film to come back from The Darkroom so that I can share some results from May's SFTC camera, the Minolta Autocord. I've seen the low res scans, and hope to have a few nice images to share soon.
For this month, I've selected the Konica Auto S1.6. This model was only offered from 1968-1969, and is less common than the S2 that followed.
I have always been intrigued by Konica. Their optics are first rate. In fact, I see some of the Konica lenses for Leica M mount go for as much or more than their corresponding Leica counterparts. The 45mm f1.6 lens on my S1.6 is spotless. It is fast, sharp, and contrasty. I also like the way Konica lenses represent color.
One of the Few S1.6 Images I've Taken, by Reed A. George
I bought this camera in essentially new cosmetic condition. I didn't pay much for it, but it needed its 40 year checkup. So, I sent it off to the best name in the Konica repair business, Greg Weber.
(Click Here) to go to Greg's site. If you need service on an old Konica camera, he's the guy.
This was not an inexpensive service, but it was worth it for a camera that came in such good cosmetic condition. Greg made it once again 100% functional, including tuning the light meter to newer battery technology.
As I sit here with the camera in front of me, I can't honestly say why I haven't used it more. I have only had it out a few times. Maybe subconsciously I am worried about damaging it, but that's just silly. If I ran it over with a truck, that would be less financially damaging than a dent in a Leica.
So, that's exactly the purpose of the SFTC series - to help me get some of these old jewels out of the closet and into action. I think I'm going to have some fun with the Auto S1.6 in June!