Saturday, June 29, 2013

Over - A Nice App For Adding Text to Images on iPad

Just Playing Around
You know how Starbucks has those little cards giving away a free App or song each week? This week's App in my local store is called "Over." Over is an image editing program, which allows you to add text or art to your pictures. Pretty darned cool.
I downloaded Over from the App store, and played around a little with it, just using images that were already on my iPad. This is a very simple way to add text to your images. I'm thinking of making electronic postcards from your beach vacation, for example. Here's a hint: once you've added text and hit "Done," use the yellow arrow on the right of the screen to find options for how to modify it. The options that come up are on a wheel, which you can spin for more options. I'm sure this doesn't make sense, but it will once you open the App. Finding the wheel is necessary to be able to save your image, for example.
Here's another image I played around with:
Could Be Useful
Hmm. No bad for the price (free).