Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Another Classic Camera Blog! And Some Examples From A Yashica 124G TLR.

I just found a great blog by Matthijs van Ede van der Pals in the Netherlands. Matthijs has a nice and growing collection of classic cameras, and is getting them out to shoot! If you like my Skeletons From The Closet series,
(Click Here) to visit Matthijs' blog.
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Matthisj made the shot above with a YashicaMat 124G twin lens reflex (TLR) camera. I love TLRs, and have several in my collection. My favorites, and the benchmarks for the TLR design, are from Rollei. I have a Rolleicord and a couple of f3.5 Rolleiflexes. One camera I'd love to add to my collection is a Rolleiflex f2.8, with either a Zeiss Planar or a Schneider Xenotar lens. I just haven't run across exactly the right camera yet.
I also have a Minolta Autocord (Click Here), and a Super Ricohflex (Click Here), both nice TLRs. In fact, I have a later Ricohflex waiting in the wings for testing.
For some reason, I've never used a YashicaMat 124G like Matthijs'. I did have a very old, beat up early Yashica TLR, which worked pretty well, but I sold it. I have never been a big fan of Yashica's rangefinders, like the Electro 35 GSN, even though the 45mm Yashinon f1.7 lens is excellent. The mechanics of their rangefinders just don't feel right to me, and I also nearly require manual exposure capability. I have heard that the 124G TLR is a super camera, though. Maybe I'll try one some day.