Sunday, September 15, 2013

Being A Kid - Photographed With Leica M6

Oh, the freedom of being a kid. It's easy to romanticize about how easy it was. Of course, kids have as many worries as we do, maybe more.
Here are a few shots of my kid, who's having a good time being twelve:
The Sweetest Comeback (Twinkies), by Reed A. George
The Carwash is Just a Little Scary, by Reed A. George
Okay, Enough Pictures, Dad, by Reed A. George
Resting Up For More Fun, by Reed A. George
I've been thinking that the M6 is a great second body to the M9. I happened to find a very nice one, in the titanium finished special edition, for a nice price. All of these were shot on a roll of Fuji 800 print film I had lying around, and with the Canon LTM 50mm f1.4 lens (a great bargain, with results comparable to a Summilux 50mm).
So, I'll try it out for a while. If I like it, great. If not, I'll sell it and recover my money.
Did I mention that I still LOVE to shoot film? I do.