Saturday, September 28, 2013

What is it About Buildings Being Destroyed and Old Cameras?

Demolition, Washington, DC, by Reed A. George
Agfa Record III
The picture above is a repost. I've reposted it for a reason, which is to discuss why these types of scenes are interesting. I suppose when a building is being torn down, you get a view inside that would be impossible in any other way. Even though I'm sure the building was emptied before the wrecking ball came in, it feels like I can simultaneously look into ten or more peoples' homes. I've never recognized myself as this type of voyeur, but must admit it's intriguing. Intriguing to the point, in fact, that I immediately pulled the car over out of DC traffic when I saw it. I even had to move a couple of times to avoid the construction guys yelling at me for parking. But, I had to get the shot.
And for some reason, I found the scene to be exactly what I wanted to shoot with my SFTC camera for August, the Agfa Record III. Now, I doubt if there's really any meaningful connection between this particular type of scene and vintage film cameras. But, here's another similar combination to look at:
(Click Here) to see Matthijs van Ed van der Pals' shots of a demolition site, made with a Rolleicord IV. Same medium format film as the Agfa Record, but the similarities rapidly fall off from there, with the Record being a folding camera, the Rolleicord a twin lens reflex (TLR).