Sunday, March 2, 2014

Come Support My Fellow Blogger - T&T Straps by Tyson Robichaud

I've cross-posted some of Tyson Robichaud's blog posts before. He's a Lumix and Micro 4/3 user, but not exclusively.
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Tyson has begun offering hand made rope (yes, rope) camera straps. Called "Garda Straps," Tyson makes each one by hand. They come in black or green (the black is thicker rope than the green) and regular or large lengths.
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You've got to see the video on Tyson's site, which shows exactly how they're made, and more importantly, just how strong they are.
(Click Here) to read the post and be sure to watch the video.
At $30, including shipping in the US, it's certainly worth a try. I've ordered mine, a green, large model. I'll post once I've received mine with any impressions.
Good luck, Tyson!