Sunday, March 30, 2014

Want Some Color? See "Through Harold's Lens" Blog

Once in a While, I Actually Do Shoot Color (by Reed A. George)
I'm always on the lookout for new blogs to follow. One useful place to find them is on Munchow's periodic list of the best blogs he's found. (Click Here) to see his latest list, #10.
One of those blogs, "Through Harold's Lens," really impresses with bold color.
(Click Here) to go to Harold's blog.
I didn't repost any of Harold's images, as he includes a copyright in everything he posts on this blog. His colors are much more impressive than what you see above in my shot.
I have really been focusing on black and white a lot lately. But, I'm currently in New Mexico for a business trip, and can't help but think I'll have to share some of the color of this place, if I can make any time to get out on a break from the meeting. I have been out at sunrise, before the meeting starts, so I will have a few things to share coming up...
In any case, it's good to look at a wide range of photography, and Harold's blog challenges me to remember color as an element in my photography.