Wednesday, March 26, 2014

New Orleans by Night - Frank Relle's Project on NYT's Lens Blog

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The New York Times blog, Lens, has reported on a project by photographer Frank Relle, a New Orleans
native. Relle started photographing New Orleans houses (from rich to poor) while in college, as a sort of therapy for a broken heart (his girlfriend had broken up with him). Thinking that Hurricane Katrina had ruined his project, Relle actually found that it extended it, gave it new life.

(Click Here) to read the story on Lens.

Personally, I really like Relle's approach to these images. Moving over the years from long exposures with existing light (or lack thereof) to his current approach of bringing his own lighting (in the form of a lighting truck) to some of the scenes, His goal is to provoke his viewers to make up their own stories about the lives inside these structures. This is not an explicit expose' of others' lives. Just hints are given, enough to make us think on our own.


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