Friday, March 28, 2014

Simplicity - "The Ultimate Sophistication"

My Nikon F
As you know, this blog is loosely focused on the interface of equipment and artistic approaches to photography. I for one don't believe that the "equipment doesn't matter." I do believe the standard adage that equipment should not get in one's way. Therefore, I tend to enjoy using simple cameras more than technologically complex ones.
This may seem limiting, and sometimes it can be. When I think of simple cameras that I love to use, most of them are film cameras, which is in itself a limitation. Leica's Barnack cameras, film M cameras, Nikon film SLRs (made before autofocus), folding medium format cameras, twin lens reflexes (e.g. Rolleiflexes or the lovely Minolta Autocord) all come to mind. In the digital realm, there are much fewer choices. My Leica M9 reigns supreme here. I think maybe a Nikon Df would suit me similarly.
Other times, I simply need to compromise and use a more complicated camera to help ensure that I get the shot, and that the results are technically superior. This is where the awesome, but awesomely complicated Nikon D700 DSLR comes in. I still use it a lot, and love the results.
I read a post on the blog Leicaphilia about the Leica IIIG. I think the author and I share a lot in how we think about cameras.
(Click Here) to read why the author chooses the IIIG more often than any other camera.
All that said, I'm packed for a quick trip to New Mexico for business. I've decided to carry only Micro 4/3 gear, in an effort to re-engage myself with that modern, more complicated gear. We'll see how it goes.

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